Successful Case

This is Camilla, a toy wholesaler in Kasimov. Kasimov is a really small town on the banks of Volga river. You may never believe that last year I was a small businessman in my town and little profit can hardly support my family, but now I am a leading man in my city’s business circle. To be exact, all the transition happened within a year. You must all know about Buyerparty, which is the most professional global crowd-buying platform. Last year, they carried out a new project named City Agent. Because of zero cost and no pressure, I had a try. Surprisingly, they gave me rather high commission, which is even higher than my own business profit. They provided me professional training, which gave me a new understanding of the way of doing business. More kindly, they even allowed me to upload my own products on, and help me to expand market in China. Only one year later, my business has changed dramatically. But later we had to terminate this project because of the policy problems. Nowadays, with the policy easing, they restarted this project. As this project’s beneficiary, I suggest you to join it!

Following picture shows me in the Canton Fair. They invited me to attend Canton Fair with them. I witnessed their large flow of customers, clever marketing strategies and accurate market prediction. That’s really a valuable and unforgettable experience!