Rose soap flower box mixed color unique gift for your loved one

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Roses in different quantities

1 flower: I love you

2: Only you and me in the world

3 flowers: I LOVE YOU

4: Oath, promise

5 flowers: no regrets

6 flowers: Successful, smooth, always united, wish you all the best

7 flowers: happy meeting, secretly loving you

8: expensive make up, apology, make up, deep apology, please forgive me

9 flowers: looking and firm

10 flowers: perfect

11: Love you forever

12 flowers: all the love, flying together, perfect combination, heart to heart, miss each other every day

13 flowers: crush

14 flowers: Pride

15 flowers: the person holding you

16 flowers: smooth sailing

17 flowers: with you for life

18 flowers: youth and beauty

19 flowers: the highest point of love

20 flowers: two love each other

21 flowers: Favorite

22 flowers: both pairs are right, the two are happy, you are thick and thick, the two are happy, both are right

朵 24 flowers: miss, pure love

30 flowers: please accept my love

33 flowers: three lives and three

36: My love is only for you

40 flowers: Love that will never die

44 flowers: the unending death, the pledge of Shanmeng, the vow of constant change

48 flowers: love

50 flowers: love without regret

51: I only have you in my heart

57: I love my wife,

56 flowers: My love,

66: smooth, everything is smooth, love field is smooth, six or six big smooth, long stream of water, my love will never change

77 flowers: happy meeting, proposal, lover meeting, meeting naturally

88 flowers: make up for apologies, make up for everything

99 flowers: forever

100 flowers: white-headed pheasant

101: Love forever

108: Proposal

111 flowers: I only love you for the rest of my life

123 flowers: Freedom of Love, Freedom of Love

144 flowers: love you for life, 12 × 12 love you every day

365 flowers: love you every day

999 flowers: Endless love, endless love, endless love

1000 flowers: Loyal love, enduring

1001: forever